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Free thinking across borders

Quantum Ideas Factory 2023

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Free thinking across borders

Quantum Ideas Factory 2023

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The EFEQT and QTBW Quantum Ideas Factory will provide a transformational learning experience at the interface between rigorous academic research and free interdisciplinary exploration. 40 participants will take part in a scientific hackathon, which will help them to develop practical skills and visionary mindset in key areas of quantum science and technologies. The best participants will receive a fast-track access to pursue their PhD studies or postdoctoral careers at EFEQT and QTBW partner universities.

During a three-day stay in Heidelberg Germany, you will will work in a small group to transform raw research ideas into well-rounded concepts for research projects or innovative solutions to key challenges in quantum science and technology. Each challenge is proposed by EFEQT and QTBW academic and industry partners but will be shaped by the team members themselves.

What it is about

Inspiring young scientists and students to think beyond borders and innovate to address globally relevant challenges in quantum science and technology.

Action learning

You will be a part of a diverse four member team mentored by an experienced scientist to develop innovative solutions to outstanding problems.

Why you should attend

Spend three amazing days with like-minded and highly-motivated individuals from all over the world and develop your own problem solving skills.


Saturday 29 October, 2022

☆ 10:30 Arrival & city tour

☆ 12:45 Lunch

☆ 13:30 Challenge introductions

☆ 15:00 Start innovating

☆18:00 BBQ dinner

Sunday 30 October, 2022

☆ 09:30 Team innovation

☆ 12:45 Lunch

☆ 13:30 Team innovation

☆ 19:30 Pizza night

Monday 31 October, 2022

☆ 09:30 Prepare presentations

☆ 12:45 Lunch

☆ 13:30 Presentations & prize ceremony

☆ 15:00 Lab tours


Challenge topics will be defined soon. Alternatively, if you have your own ideas, we encourage you to briefly describe it, and submit with your application. The description should outline your idea, its potential future impact, and possible implementation.

Previous topics included themes from quantum computing, quantum simulation, quantum machine learning, quantum materials, quantum control, quantum software, quantum metrology, and more.

2022 topics:

  • Building a quantum computer with your laptop from scratch (Mentor: Johannes Schachenmayer, University of Strasbourg and CNRS)
  • Quantum simulation by high-frequency periodic driving (Mentor: Francesco Petiziol, TU Berlin)
  • Understanding and mitigating dissipation on quantum computers (Mentor: Alexander Schnell, TU Berlin)
  • Quantum Simulation with Ultracold Fermions (Mentor: Tarik Yefsah, CNRS, École Normale Supérieure, Paris)
  • Reinforcement learning qubit manipulations (Mentor: Markus Schmitt, University of Cologne)
  • Error mitigation strategies for superconducting qubits (Mentor: Thibault Scoquart, Karlsruhe Institute for Technology)


EFEQT and QTBW students will benefit from financial support for travel, lodging and participation costs. We can provide travel scholarships for a few external participants upon request.


Master students, doctoral candidates, young researchers and postdocs with solid science background and an innovation mindset are welcome to apply! Although the focus of the boot camp is designed for quantum science and technology, we encourage interested applicants with any natural sciences background to apply. You should especially apply if you are considering future research topics for your Master or PhD in the field.

Successful participants will be selected based upon their CV and a short description of their motivation presenting their reason for applying, and notified briefly after the application deadline by email.

Applications open now. Extended deadline 09 October

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To contact the organisers email