Approximately once per month
Participate to a regular meet-ups with experts and your peers to discuss the latest developments in quantum science and technology. Each month we will meet online or in a hybrid format to dive into open research questions and innovative solutions with top research groups and quantum companies. This will include special seminars, fireside chats, practical tutorials and guided lab tours.

Recent meet-ups

31.05.2023Prof. Matthias Christandl (University of Kopenhagen)Quantum computing for Molecular Biology
14.05.2023Prof. Tracy Northup (University of Innsbruck)Quantum networks based on trapped ions with a virtual lab tour
06.03.2023Dr. Araceli Venegas-Gomez (QURECA)Get ready for a career in quantum
15.02.2023Fabio Scafirimuto and Marcel Pfaffhauser (IBM Quantum Zurich)IBM’s approach to quantum computing and QISKIT tutorial
30.01.2023XanaduPhotonic quantum computing & pennylane tutorial
11.01.2023Prof. Philipp BouyerQuantum Sensing
27.06.2022Dr. Lior Ella (Quantum Machines)Technology and products of Quantum Machines
15.06.2022Dr. Sebastian Blatt (LMU Munich and Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik)Quantum Technology, Quantum Simulations, and Precision Measurements with Ultracold Strontium
25.05.2022Prof. Marten Teitsma (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)Responsible Quantum Software Engineering in a world of hype
12.05.2022Prof. Dr. Tanja E. Mehlstäubler (Leibniz Universität Hannover and PTB Braunschweig)Atomic Clocks & Quantum Metrology
02.05.2022Dr. Rafal Janik (Xanadu)NISQ devices based on the Gaussian boson sampling architecture
09.03.2022Dr. Rianne Lous (University of Amsterdam)UvA Labs & How to apply for a PhD
23.02.2022Prof. Dr. Christophe Couteau (Director of the Laboratory Light, nanomaterials & nanotechnologies, University of Technology of Troyes)Quantum Photonics & Labtours
16.02.2022Dr. Araceli Venegas-Gomez, founder and director of QURECACareers in Quantum
09.02.2022Elisa Baumer and Dr. Matthias Mergenthaler (IBM Research Zurich)IBM Quantum Computing
10.02.2022Dr. Stephan Ritter (Director Quantum Technology Applications, Toptica) and Dr. Steffen Schmidt-Eberle (Application Scientist Quantum Technologies)TOPTICA Photonics and Quantum Technologies