Approximately once per month
Participate to a regular meet-ups with experts and your peers to discuss the latest developments in quantum science and technology. Each month we will meet online or in a hybrid format to dive into open research questions and innovative solutions with top research groups and quantum companies. This will include special seminars, fireside chats, practical tutorials and guided lab tours.

Recent meet-ups

03/12/2023KETS: Chris Erven
08/01/2024IBM: Jean-Michel Torres
24/01/2024Xanadu: Catalina Albornoz
26/02/2024Florian Schrek UvA
04/03/2024Oliver Hess ATOS/EVIDEN
04/04/2024Martin Garttner Heidelberg
24/04/2024Hanna Le Jeannic LKB
27/05/2024Qureca & How to do a PhD
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